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Febuary 6, 2007
Got to watch some serious flatland go down today at Trevor Meyer's house! Got to meet Max Smith and Joel Blanicky. Max hooked me up with some chrome Odyssey flatland forks w/ 990 mounts! I spent a couple of hours watching these guys ride flatland and visiting with them. Trevor is a really nice guy; really down to earth. His mom is real nice to.

Trevor's bike is crazy! He has a custom made 21 inch top tube Sick Child with a 5 inch headtube!! Plus he rides 180mm cranks. Super sick tricks going down: pedalling death truck to pedalling dump truck to stick b to brakeless decade out; kickflip steamroller; cross legged hip packers to kickflip, etc. etc.

January 2, 2007
Once again, I've added pics to my editorial "Bashguard Technology 101". Got a pic of a young kid named Dave Mirra on a Dyno Slammer back in 1990. Also, deleted some pages to free up some space.

December 31, 2006
Happy New Year to all!! Almost had a big scare with the website. My computer crashed and had to get my wife's old one out of storage and have everything transferred over. Well mp.3s and photos will transfer but programs have to be downloaded again, and I couldn't find the disc with the program I build the website on. Finally, found it online, so here's hoping it uploads o.k.

Check out the editorial page, been adding images and such to my bashguard editorial. Finally got some pics of the 1995 Haro Basher.

Recently won some old Peregrine Silver Bars on ebay. They look like old school Redline Forklifter bars without the number plate tabs. The bars are short, they were made for flatland. The chrome on the bars is in great shape! Can't wait to put these on my bike and ride them.

Got some bike stuff for Christmas from my wife!! Haven't put them all on yet, but some of what I got was some Shadow hub guards (don't be fooled by the pic in the magazines, they're not big enough to protect the spokes, just your hubs) and a Coalition cog guard (which is cool because I've been doing some switch grinds here lately)!

As far as the front hub guards go, I gonna run the Shadow guards with my Hub Lover guard for now, and then get some Gsport GLAND vs. 3 guards when they're available). The Shadow Guards (and Rockstar for that sake) really only protect the spokes right at the hub. The Shadow ones have an allen bolt which locks them in good, so you don't have to worry about the bearings in your hubs getting loose. They do make cool looking cone nuts though.

Speaking of Gsports, check out their site. He's come up with some plastic pegs called Plegs. They mount to a metal insert with a thick plastic sleeve. The guys been running them for years. Back in the day, before threadless pegs, we would take our GT pegs and hammer them into a piece of sch. 40 1/2 pvc pipe to make them longer and grind easier. So, I can attest that plastic pegs are indeed better for street, plus this guy claims they can grind over skate stoppers! Check 'em out.

December 7, 2006
Well what goes around comes around! As we have seen with fashion trends such as bell bottoms, tie-dyed, etc. things have a way of turning full circle. The BMX industry is no different. Orginally riders rode a long brake cable because there were no rotors, riders today have went back to riding long cables. For street riding the first "bashguards" were hard plastic sprocket rings. Then came the bashguard frames & bolt -on bashguards. As years went by companies went back to the grind sprockets. Well, now the BOLT-ON BASHGUARD IS BACK!!! Check out this pic of a prototype Fly bolt-on bashguard Reuben is trying out. SWEET!! If these go into production I will definitely buy one!


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