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Hotel Wall:
I'm not sure of the name, but theres a hotel near Wal-Mart and the Yamaha dealer than has a big, not quite very wall that has transitioned bottom and has a 'bowled' corner. the cement wall is very tall at the corner, and starts sloping down on each end.On one end where the bank mellows out and is around 6feet tall, a nice rail sit atop the bank. Havent gotten around to riding it, but it looks nice if your not afraid to pedal your butt off. However, we have road a similar, smaller version of basically the same thing (check the pictures section of Coley)

Harrison Bank:
I'm not sure of the name of the bank, but its near a thrift store, and Bill's Glass and Audio is down the road. Several places around the bank, including the bank itself have awesome ledges, 'crete, marble, all kinds. Just looks around the bank a few block and you'll find something you like.

Harrison Public Schools:
There are 2 schools that come to mind when riding street in harrison. The one that I'm thinking is an elementary school is in north west part of harrison I believe. It has a playground with benches, a tunnel under the bleachers onto the field with banks on both sides of the entrance, several ledges, benches stair gaps, and the occasional drug deal goin down that you might happen to ride up on. Also, across the road is a convenience store/car wash that has some wedges and stuff like that.

The other school I think is a jr. high or maybe highschool. It has a courtyard filled with benches, picnic tables or both concrete and wood/steel.Ledges are also abundant. Also theres a jumbo grass roller type hill, adjacent to a flat topped roof (talk to Coley about that)