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Paul Willis carving the coping of the shallow end of Kanis Park

Paul Willis coming out of a downside grind (look at were the front wheel is)
also good photos of the graffiti in the pool

         Greg Mobley in 1991 airing on a ramp in Arkadelphia

Colley Bailey wall tap & wall ride on a rough wall embankment in Harrison
Colley tabling out of a wall ride            Andrew Houk fakie wall ride
Andrew airing out of an embankment & laying it flat at Ferguson's
Brammel wall tap off 5ft quarter & negative look at photo (I like all the conduit on the wall!!)
Brammel with a vert style look-down               &         Jay Hester with a wall tap on the wall of fire
Tony "Chili Dog" Carruth with a tail tap to bar spin

Jason Weatherly abubaca @ Conway & nosepick @ Jacksonville

Jason Weatherly 50/50 on curved rail & smith grind @ Jacksonville

Danny Harrison wheel chair           Ken Edwards x-up abubabca