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Jason Vaughn
Jason Vaughn is a rider, who is originally from Texas. Jason was attending college at Harding University in Searcy when I met him. Jason is a very tech rider, often times linking several tricks together. Some of the best combos I ever saw Jason do were: fufuanu to sproket to feeble on a 6ft quarter pipe and 360 tailtap to manual to tailwhip footplant across a 4ft boxjump. Jason is now attending college back in Texas.

1. When did you get started in freestyle? How did you started in freestyle? What was your first freestyle bike? What was the first "good" trick you ever learned?

I started riding freestyle when I entered the 8th grade, so I guess I was 15. I had a couple of friends who were in my neighborhood who were jumping around on mountain bikes. So I got my old trasher from the garage and joined in too. The funny thing is,that we were bending those frames left and right it was sooo ridiculous but good times as always.. My first freestyle bike believe or not was a Kuwahara. (webmaster note: Kuwahara was a bike company from "back in the day". They put out a pretty good flatland frame back then with dbl top tube which looped behind the seatpost. A flatlander named Bill Neuman rode for them back around 1989 - 1991) At the time I was soo psyched on it b/c it was my first and all but it was most definetly a junker. The first good trick I learned was a no-footed one hander but man, I racked my self sooooooo many times trying to get that trick dialed phew!! the pain.. bad bad memories..

2. What kind of courses are you taking in college? What are you plans outside of college? Do you plan on using your degree toward anything bike related?

In college I'm finishing up my basics this semester then in the spring semester I finally get to start my major classes. I'm getting my degree in sociology so I'm going to try to work for a huge YMCA like in Portland OR, or California and, I want to be a bike instructor for kids on a daily basis.

3. As far as the pros go; who are your favorites, and who do you think are changing freestyle today?

As far as pro's go my defintion of a pro is not your average tv superstar. To me some pro is someone who rides solid with good flow and good bike control. Because without that the trick looks stupid. But that's just my opinion. And as far as my favorite rider's or pro's I would have to say Taj Mihelich, Ruben Alacantra, Mike Aitken, and Brian Wizmerski. I think those kids have had a major effect on freestyle,b/c I see kids in the skatepark trying their tricks. I can vouch and say that I'm a victim of the influence.

4. Do you ever compete in contest? What are your thoughts on contest?

I've competed in two contest in my life they were both in Austin, TX. Personally I like the contest vibe b/c everyone is there, your friends are there so it's like a big confidence booster

5. Without going into great detail; if money were no object what would be your ultimate bike?

My ultimate bike would be something weighing around 29, 30 lbs and tough as nails.

6. Which do you prefer to ride, parks, dirt or real street? What motivates you to ride? What kind of music gets you psyched.

I prefer to ride everything. I think just like you eat a well balanced meal, you need some well balanced riding so you don't become sketchy in other areas. The thing that motivates me to ride is because it's fun and progressing is fun to. Music wise I like a lot of Christian hardcore,and metal just because I'm a Christian my self and the music has a good message for my beliefs.

7. I have personally seen you do both big air box jump tricks and tech mini ramp combo tricks, which do you prefer? What is the one trick or combo you've learned that you were just super stoked over?

If I would narrow it down to one trick it might take me all day but I'll give one I do like a lot. It would have to be the fufanu combos b/c it feels cool to me stalling sideways on my back tire.

8. You recently moved back to Texas for school, what areas in Texas do you ride? How does the Texas scene compare with central Arkansas? What could we do to make our scene better?

In Texas my local scene is Houston so I ride downtown a lot and we have some trails about 15 min. from my house that are really good and big. Other than that I love Austin, TX. I would have to say that is the best place in TX to ride,lots of fun. Ditches everywhere, and empty pool's which are way fun plus a good skatepark and don't even get me started on street it's soo ridiculous. Man that's the place where all the good riders come out of in TX. Comparing TX to central AR is a question I would feel bad about answering, sorry J. But as for making the central Arkansas scene better it's aready been done The last time I talked to Jud he said there are parks poping up left and right.

9. Any plans on making a road trip back to Arkansas? While in Arkansas what were some of your favorite places to ride (parks and street)?

I plan to be in Arkansas from Aug 30th to Sept 2 and that is Labor Day weekend. And as far as my favorite spots to ride in Arkansas were as followed Kanis bowl, the lot, and downtown street man that place is soo peaceful.

10. I will probably ask this in every interview I do, but where would you like to see yourself in freestyle in the future?

I would like to see myself still riding and eventually start my company called "Benevolence Clothing"

here are a couple of pictures I "borrowed" from Justin Walker's website
Jason Vaugn ice pick grind and crooked grind at NLR Skatepark