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Pat Holliday

Pat Holliday is a rider I met at Kullison skatepark in Memphis. He got second place in the contest. He was pulling amazing stuff like crank flips to manuals, crank flip to sprocket grind, transfrer over a 6ft hip to crank slide to 270 off. I thought Pat had an amazing style; and thought that he, being from the Memphis area, would be interesting to interview. So, here it is. You can see some pictures of Pat in the Rider Photo section.

1. First off just let everyone know your age, occupation (or student), and hometown.

18 and I work at Baskin Robbins and I plan to go to the University of Memphis in the Spring. Memphis is my hometown where I have always lived.

2. When did you first get into freestyle? What got you into freestyle? and What was the first freestyle bike you owned?

I got into riding my bike about 5 years ago by just riding around the neighborhood jumping stuff.Gt mach one was my first actual decent bike. Magazines are really what actully got me into riding.

3.What was the first "good" trick you learned? Do you find it easy to learn new tricks or do you have to try them over and over?

Table tops are my first and most favorite trick. Its hard to learn some tricks but more natural on some others so it depends on what I am trying.

4. What is the Memphis scene like? Do you think having skateparks close by helps the progression of riding in your area? If there was on thing you could do to help improve your scene what would it be?

The MEMPHIS scene is soo underground to anyone I ever talk to from out of town. No one knows what is up but it is definatly good and getting better by the day. Its alot of younger guys shredding and getting good. There are a couple of older guys that ride like John Tines. Skateparks are definatly helping us out. I dont know where I would be with out a skatepark. I would lose all this humidity in the air cause it makes it a pain to ride in the summer.

5. What style of riding do you prefer, big air (box jump type) or tech combo (mini ramp/street)? What kind of music get you motivated to ride?

I love anything when I ride period....I love all kinds of water music, at the drive in, small brown bike, slayer, mushroomhead, old metallica. those are just a few to name my favoraites.

6. You mentioned to me in an email that you went to Camp Woodward; how did that all come about? What was a typical day at Woodward like? Did going to Camp Woodward help you any trick wise, if so how?

I got a job up there because I think I had good names on my application from my freinds that had worked there. Typical day is wake up eat go to work and ride all day and then go out at night and party sometimes. Yea it helped me out with tailwhips a little and fufanuing rails out of quarters.

7. While at Woodward did you meet any pros that really impressed you? Did you meet any pros you just didn't like? And in the case that you met Chad Kagy; is he as cocky as he seems?

Gary Young of dirt brothers totally impressed me. That kid is soo good and is really nice. Ryan Barret was a very nice guy too. Kagy seemed cocky but actully is a very nice guy and helped my freind Matt Sparks out with a free frame.

8. What do you think about contest? I hear the Memphis scene gets its share of them. What are some things you like or dislike about them?

Contest are contest. Contest here arent nothing more than freinds getting freinds to push each other because its not like we are getting much out of them. I dont have any dislikes so far.

9. Who are your main riding buddies in Memphis? What are some of the best riding spots in Memphis?

My main guys are Jake Canterberry, Jeffrey cook, Nick wiseman, Ramone Love(Edwin Chalk),Trey Barberi,Kenny Lane,and some more people but there are too much to list. Best spots include Kullision formerly known as DARKSIDE skatepark, skatepark of memphis but the prices are too high there, street around central high school and street downtown and Kennedy park where our trails are but those arent running all the time.

10. At the expense of sounding corny; what is your goal in freestyle (besided just having fun)? Would you someday like to be sponsored, own your own shop or park? Any last words?

I just want to have fun and ride with a good scene I like alot.