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The Jacksonville skatepark is located beside the Jacksonville Community Center on Main St. Take the Main St. exit, go West (like going toward Gravel Ridge). The Community Center is right next to the overpass. It is the new brick building with a tower clock and light up sign out front. Just turn into the parking lot, and follow it to the end.

The skatepark is built on a concrete slab where a store front building use to exist. The concrete is really smooth and kinda slick. It has this concrete block ledge all the way around the slab. All the ramps are built out of metal. These are professional grade ramps made by some pro online skateramp company; which were bought through Cabot Extreme Sports. The park consist of a 4ft tall by 8ft wide mini half-pipe which has a 4ft tall by 12ft wide mini quarter-pipe spined on one side; a 3ft tall by 4ft wide box jump/ 3ft tall pyramid (like the one in Conway minus spine ramp) with grind rails going in opposite directions. One rail is round and one rail is flat (about 8 to 10 inches wide). Last but not least is a 6ft tall by 8ft wide roll in ramp which rolls into the wedge side of the box jump. However, the 12ft wide quarter pipe is situated in front of the box jump, so it can be used for speed.
The ramps are extremely smooth, but kinda slick. As with most parks it was not built with bikes in mind. The mini half-pipe is too narrow to really do anything on a bike. The quarter-pipe is nice if you can get people to move off the deck. There is plenty of room for more ramps, and there is talk of getting more. I would suggest a 6ft mini quarter-pipe or a full vert quarter-pipe and some sort of grind box.
I did not notice a time specified when a person could ride, and I think there is enough light to ride at night. A sign states that anyone under 12 must be accompanyied by an adult 18yrs+. Also, the signs says no food or drink on the ramps. However, there is no supervision at the park; so as long as you don't play music too loud or start any fights, I'd say anything goes. Helmet & pads are suggested but not required.  A big sign on the front of the half-pipes indicates that you are riding the ramps at your own risks, and in case of any emergency call 911.
4ft half-pipe with 4ft quarter-pipe on back side   box jump/pyramid combo w/ rails roll-in in background
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