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This section will be a photo gallery of riders from across the state. If you have a picture of yourself riding, e-mail it to me. If you have photos of any freestyle shows from within the state, e-mail them to me.

Shawn McClure  feeble grind down ledge behind museum
        Colley Bailey wall ride at Ramp Riders St. Louis

Colley Bailey 50/50 grind on railroad iron                      & launch off a loading dock

          Colley Bailey icepick                                    Colley Bailey 50/50 grind on guard rail

Colley Bailey curved wall ride, back-side boneless, x-up foot plant on wall of fire & disaster on spine

    Anthony 360 x-up                 , air above the 16ft wall, &                    flair attempt on 6ft quarter
Anthony backflip & turndown backflip attempt on box jump

Brammel foot-jam nosepick over street spine, 360 table top on box jump & wall ride on sub-wall
Brammel foot-jam nosepick on sub-wall, x-up & superman seatgrab on box jump