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The City of Cabot really doesn't have a lot to offer in terms of street scene, but if by chance you happen to be stuck in Cabot; here are some spots to check out.

City Hall, where Hwy 89 (Main St) and the old Hwy "T" together, has some nice street obstacles. There are three huge handrails going down the flight of stairs at the front of the building. The handrails are square tubing, not round. One handrail goes down at an angle, instead of straight down (you'll understand if you see it), which makes it a longer rail than the other two. I don't know anyone that has actually grinded the handrails; but would love to be there with a video camera when they do. Behind City Hall is a round planter which is fun to jump. There is also a concret bench in the same area as the planter.

Fred's Discount Store. At the pharmacy window there is a nice ledge for grinding. You have to watch out for traffic though.

Cabot Schools offers the usual  picnic tables, ledges, etc.

Adam's trails. Outside of Cabot is a small town called Austin. Believe it or not Austin was almost the capital of Arkansas originally. Anyway, there is a guy in Austin named Adam (don't know his last name).His back yard is  where the local Cabot riders have built a set of trails. I don't know where they are (I've never been to them); but will put some directions up soon.
view from down ramp                                                                  view from road