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White Hall

LOCATION: 903 W. Holland
                     White Hall, AR
Going South from Little Rock, take the White Hall/PB Arsenal exit. Turn left under the overpass. When the highway curves left, stay straight on Holland. Tony's place is at the bottom of the hill on the left.
This is one cool park, built by bike riders. The park consist of an 8' x 16' vert half-pipe, which is criss-crossed by a 5' x 16' mini half-pipe spine ramp. The spine of the ramp has a section which steps down to 4'. There is also a runway from one side of the mini ramp to a 4' box jump. The ramps are all outdoors and made of wood. Since the ramps were made by bike riders, the transitions are perfect for bikes, and there is plenty of flat bottom.
Behind the ramps is a nice set up of trails. There are doubles, step-ups, and a few berms. There are even some "hazards" between some of the doubles.
Tony's shop is in front of the ramps, which houses many nastalgic items. His shop is sort of a museum of bike history; old photos, videos, & bikes. He also has a good selection of current bikes & parts. Tony has been in the sport for almost twenty years and his place is known by many pros. Dave Voelker, Rob Nolli, Ron Wilkerson, Ryan Corrigan and others have been known to drop by while on tour.
RULES: No helmets or pads are required, however, Tony strongly suggest that all riders not exceed their limits. Top priority at this park is fun. The park is open 7 days a week (as far as I know).

diagram of ramps by Jason L. Weatherly
4ft box jump made from scrap ramps                          half-pipe criss-crossed by mini half-pipe

section of trails behind Tony's ramps