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Club Road
There you will find wedges to ledges, wallrides, many transfer lines, perfect transitions like  quarter pipes, a big man hole hip that lets you launch as far as you can go, and a launch out that lets you try any trick you can think of.  

Keihl Ave.
I did not catch the name of the place of business, but going down Keihl toward JFK/Hwy 107 there is a place of business on the right. Behind this building is a concrete wedge transition going up to a wooden fence, perfect for wall rides. It might take a little speed to get up the fence, though.

C & P Carpets
C & P Carpets located on Hwy 107 caddy-cornered from J & P Bike shop offers some nice concrete wedge transitions with hips.

JFK Blvd. from McCain Blvd, turn right (north) on JFK, about a 1/4 of a mile on the left if Overbrook Office Bldge. Beside & behind the office bldg is this very narrow concrete ditch that banks around a corner with a sub wall on the top of it.