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The best "hot spot" in the city of Searcy is of course the Searcy Skate Park, however there are some other nice spots to ride.

Harding has everything you'd expect a university to have. There are plenty of benches and rails to grind. There is shallow fountain in the main yard of the campus. In the fall/winter time it is usually drained. It does not have any transition in it, but it does have a nice concrete lip around it. In front of the Student Center is a planter. The sidewalk in front of the Student Center slopes down a hill, while the planter goes out straight. So the planter goes from about 1' off the ground to 4' off the ground. However, as with all universities, you will get in trouble if security catches you.

The Searcy riders have been working hard on some trails close to the VFW (Veterens of Foreign War) Club.