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There are actually no real "hot spots" in Beebe that would be worth your while to make a trip just to ride. However, if you happen to be in Beebe (maybe in college) and you are looking for a place to ride; here are a few places.

Located next to the Beebe High School is a small concrete ditch with two big drainage pipes. The  transitions in the ditch are fun to ride; and the wall holding the two pipes is slightly at an angle, perfect for wall rides. I use to have a photo sequence of my friend Jon Lee doing a no-handed wall ride over one of the drain pipes, "back in the day". CORRECTION well, a lot has changed in 10yrs. The Beebe ditch is one of them. There are now four pipes and the wall they are in is straight vert. There is no room on this wall to wall ride. So all the ditch is now, is two sides of transition with drainage hips. Its still fun to ride, but you can no longer do wall rides. The transitions are about 3' to 4' tall by about 24' long.

The public schools offer some nice gaps to jump and some nice benches to ride. There are some handrails at the auditorium perfect for grinding; also a loading dock with a low handrail & stairs. However, if you get caught grinding anything or get caught riding at night, you will probably get a ticket. Slight CORRECTION Went street riding at the school and there were no problems.

ASU - Beebe offers many benches to grind. The benches are about 6' long and 2' off the ground, and they are everywhere. There are also some rails to grind, if you look for them. There is a big concrete planter in front of the Student Center; and a couple of small loading docks nearby. However, you must watch out for campus security; if caught grinding anything they will kick you off campus.

The Pit is an old place where the city digs "fill dirt". This has left a big dirt wall for dirt jumping. Some riders have attempted to make some trails in the Pit. However, the Pit is also used by motocycle riders, so a lot of the jumps get messed up.

In the old downtonw area of Beebe is an old train depot. Around the depot is this big round pipe. It goes from 1ft off the ground to 3ft off the ground. It is fun to grind, but is kinda hard to stay on being as big as it is.

El Paso Full Pipe: El Paso is a little town at the Hwy 5/Hwy 64 Junction, between Beebe & Conway. There is a  bridge in town with a metal pipe big enough to ride in. Nothing serious, but looks fun to goof off in.