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Little Rock

The city of Little Rock is full of great places to ride. The ones listed so far are based upon my (Jason's) experiences. If you know of other great places to ride in Little Rock e-mail them in.

Riverfront park:
The Ampitheatre has wedge walls great for wall rides. The park as many concrete ledges and benches for grinding. There is one section of the park with three steps with low concrete handrails on one side; and four to five steps on the other side with a ledge going off the steps. The best thing about the park is that, if it can be grinded it probably has already been waxed by previous riders/skaters. At the entrance of the park is a small playground with a roller slide; and water fall with concrete steps spaced apart for some technical street riding.

Sh#t Ditch:
Located under the overpass at the Markham & Cantrel exit, just south of the river is the Sh#t Ditch. This is a big concrete ditch with steep transition on one side and slower & shorter transition on the other. On the short side, one of the pillars holding the overpass is at the top of the transition, good for footplants & stalls. In times past the ditch was painted up with some very nice graffitti. However, since the River Market came in, the graffitti has been removed. The ditch is affectionately called the Sh#t Ditch due to all the pigeon/bird droppings in the ditch.
steep side of ditch                                                          shallow side of ditch
Downtown Little Rock:
There are many places to ride, too numerous to list. There are many parking garages around town that have concrete ledges for grinding. One particular parking garage is located at 2nd & Main. It offers some nice concrete ledges and handrails. Directly across the street is a parking lot with a nice concrete planter and guard rails.
Main & 15th there is a small wedge bank with a round rail at the top about 3ft off the ground. It is located behind an old fast food joint.
C&W TOOLS located at Main & Daisy L. Gatson Bates Dr. has some nice bricked ledges
Broadway at 6th to Capitol, there is some business located in this block that has some nice tiled (marble ?) ledges, stairs to jump, and wooden benches.
KINKO'S WALL RIDE located just off I-630 on the East side is a Kinkos. Across from Kinkos is a perfect wedge to a wooden fence. The wedge starts out short on one end and is tall on the other.
UALR on Univeristy Ave. offers many riding experiences you would expect from a univeristy. Much of the college is laid out in bricks, some of which form transitions to benches and ledges. Beware, though, as with most colleges and universities today; if you get caught by security, you are bound to get a ticket or kicked off campus.