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LOCATION: Higginson Road, Searcy  going North on 67/167, take 2nd Searcy exit, left over overpass to stop light, turn left on Booth, turn right on Higginson, skate park is down the road past soccer fields
Searcy Park is an outdoor park run by the city of Searcy.  They  have metal ramps made by American Ramp Co, which consist of a 5ft by 16ft quarter, a 5ft by 16ft wedge/roll-in ramp, 3ft jump box wedge to wedge combo ramp with grind bars, a split level grind box and grind rails.
RULES: This is a public skate park. No helmets/pads required. Riding hours are only during daylight. No alcohol or profanity. If you do not blast music too loud, the police do not mind you playing music.