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Last Call Distribution
Bicycle Rodeo Contest

Local Riders in the bike cemetary                                                       the FBM display
Jake Canterberry pedal slide,  Josh Harrington turndown,  Alliance rider nose pick all on 8ft vert
Pat Holliday ice pick slide, St. Louis riders tooth pick & big 360
St. Louis riders tail whip to tail tap  & tail whip over the box
Memphis Pat tailwhip, St Louis rider decade, & Ricky from Memphis wall ride
Ricky from Memphis downside footplant on wall, Anthony C 360 tailwhip, Steve Crandall playing dice
Jason Vaughn 1-handed flatty, Maineiac w/ rocker wig, Memphis rider w/ big air
Indian air (?), laided down disaster, & St Louis rider bunny hop tail whip
Derrick from Memphis big air