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On Friday March 12, 2004 the Hoffman Team stopped at Ferguson's Skate Park to ride and film for the upcoming Props Mega Tour video. Riders were, Jon Taylor, Sebastian Keep, Ryan Barrett, Seth Kimbrogh, Kazuo Okada (Asian rider), Chuck D,  Robby Compartino (Canadian rider), and Stew Johnson (FBM/Props)/

Kazuo Okado ice pick on flame wall,     bar spin to ice pick on sub box,         wall ride in curved wall

Kazuo ice pick and foot jamb nose pick in 5ft mini

Ryan Barrett wall tap on slant wall  tire slide in 5ft mini

Ryan Barrett wall ride transfer,                   180 off wall,                      360 wall slap

Ryan Barrett tooth pick

Robby Compartino invert,      truck driver from spine to box,                nose pick over spine

Seth Kimbrough nose wheelie,            brakeless tail tap,              foot jamb nose pick

Kimbrough 270 x-up to x-up smith chink,             brakeless fufanu,                 brakeless nose pick

Kimbrough 180 lookback over spine,          180 over spine,           table top over spine

Kimbrough bar spin to manual,            ice pick on wall off 5ft mini

Hoffman Team in need of sleep;         Sebatian Keep bar spin transfer to 50/50 grind to revert,          Baz & Jon Taylor

Jon Taylor ice pick grind,                               manual,                               nose wheelie to tire slide

Jon Taylor backside boneless,                  endo nose pick against flame wall

Stew Johnson 540 tail tap,     Chuck D air over hip