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On Tues March 9, 2004 the Metal Bikes/Last Call crew stopped at Ferguson's Skate Park to ride and film for the upcoming Props Mega Tour video. Riders were Derrick "Maine-iac" Girrard; Mike Tag; Jesse "Fisher" Bower; Bugsy [all with FBM]; Ross Tanner [Federal Bikes]; Leland Thurman; Ryan Metro [both with Metal Bikes]; and John Paul Rodgers [Faction BMX].

Fisher 360 down-side footplant, bail, and fakie wall tap

Fisher down-side footplant, opposite down-side footplant, and foot plant

Bugsy rueben wall ride,   John Paul Rodgers & Fisher,   Leland & the guys loading up

Derrick Girard can-can foot plant, downside foot plant, 360 downside foot plant

Derrick Girard fakie nose bonk, wall tap, and wall ride

Ryan Metro's new signature frame

Ryan Metro bunny hop over ramp to 180 off other ramp;  ice pick on flame wall to fakie

Ross Tanner hurricane on 5ft 1/4; 50/50 stall; and downside foot plant on sub box

Ross 540 wall ride,  Mike Tag smith stall on wall to fakie