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Page 6

Brad Moneymaker air about 2ft out & a tire slide (?)
Brad Moneymaker x-up air & lookback air

Tim Peterson funanu on sub box & foot-jam nose pick @ Searcy Park

Gabe Ragsdale x-up air, nose pick to smith stall, & look-back air @ Searcy Park

John Wells fakie rock-n-roll, tail tap, & feeble grind @ Searcy Park

Ken Edwards abubaca & feeble grind @ Searcy Park; alley-oop fakie transfer @ Ferguson's

Scott Edwards 1-handed 50/50 grind, foot-jam nose pick, & fufanu @ Searcy Park

Stephen Lemar transfer to feeble grind & 50/50 grind on handrail @ Searcy Park

Shawn McClure 50/50 grind on handrail & feeble grind; T.J. Bowen olley over bikes @ Searcy Park

Ted Huie wall ride & 360 @ Ferguson's

Carl Finkbeiner alley-oop ice pick grind; Brent Williamson 360 & x-up @ Ferguson's

Toby "D" can-can & tire grab aka "pop tart" @ Ferguson's

Cameron Funderburg can-can 50/50 grind,  

Lee Edwards lard yard (?) and a hip packer (?)

Hector Garcia (Dunamis Designs) no footed steam roller and steam roller on the pedal

Danny Harrison switch footed backyard and coasting wheel chair
Tim Snow at Fayetteville Park